About Us

About Shaddai and Company Ltd (Solicitors & Advocates)

We are a dynamic and progressive firm of solicitors and advocates in Tottenham, London. We have a reputation for providing efficient, reliable, trustworthy, affordable and comprehensive worldwide legal services to public and private entities, professional and private clients.

We offer a range of legal services in Immigration & Nationality, Crime, Prison Law, Employment Matrimonial & Family and Mental Health.The firm is able to serve your needs, wherever you are. We also pride ourselves on our sophisticated technological base, our constantly updated research about United Kingdom immigration matters, and our ability to respond to the needs of our clients.

Our Approach
We appreciate that you have a problem to be solved or a task which needs to be done with as little fuss and hassle as possible, and it is our we prayer and wish to make the experience of using a solicitor as straightforward and stress-free as we can.

  • We are here to help: you will discover that we are very approachable, taking a helpful, supportive and practical approach and working closely with you to provide you with a high level of personal service.
  • We use jargon-free language and provide common-sense, straightforward advice which you can understand.
  • And we get on with the job in hand in an efficient and cost-effective way, making the best use of up-to-date technology.
Getting in touch
Our web site gives you information about us and the ways in which we can help you, but if you would like to know more about our services or to discuss anything, we are always delighted to hear from you.

Please see our contacts page get in touch with any of our people. Alternatively telephone us on 0204 529 9394 or on our emergency number 07956 442 471 (24/7)

Mr Innocent Eruteyan, Solicitor Advocate
Shaddai and Company (Solicitors & Advocates) Ltd

TEL: 0204 529 9394
FAX: 0203 417 6553
MOB: 07956 442 471
EMAIL: info@shaddaiandco.com
EMAIL: innocenteruteyan@shaddaiandco.com
CJSM: innocent.eruteyan@shaddaiandco.cjsm.net