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Innocent Eruteyan

Innocent Eruteyan is a Thames Valley University, London law graduate who has risen through the profession to become a trusted first choice defence advocate in crime, family and housing cases.

Current instructions as of 1 March 2021 include:

  • R v JM, Snaresbrook CC – Rape – alleged rape of person under 13 years.
  • R v HG, Harrow CC, complicated Supply of classes A C Drug and OFFWET proceedings.
  • R v AF, Snaresbrook CC – Robbery
  • LB v AP – Care Proceedings – Family Court – Care Order and Discharge of Care Orders
  • LB v NP – Care Proceeding – Family Court – Care Order

Various other cases in the lower courts and police stations – Crime, family, and Housing laws, civil litigation, and immigration to a lesser extent.

Innocent’s practice spans the entire calendar of grave and complex criminal offences extending into the Administrative Court or Court of Appeal as required.
Innocent is often instructed directly to represent clients in the Crown Courts and as well as in the Court of Appeal as an advocate and also taking on CCRC work and in the Administrative Court in Homelessness Cases relating to Judicial Reviews.

He works mainly in London but has taken on cases across key court centres within England and Wales, most recently in Preston Crown Court. He specialises exclusively in criminal defence, Child Law – Care Proceedings and Housing Homelessness cases, mainly publicly funded work. Innocent is respected across the national circuit for an ability to balance the intellectual rigour of the law, forensic cross-examination of witnesses, with the interpersonal empathy of sensitive client care.

He has vast experience in defending in difficult and challenging cases. He is regularly sought out to defend detainees in areas where they have felt they would not be properly and fairly represented in courts. Innocent is a fearless advocate with strong religious and ethical beliefs and as such has been instructed to
represent marginalised people who are often not listened to or respected by other practitioners.

His general expertise is in crime and his expertise in serious crime has resulted in him being asked to represent clients outside of London area. He is often instructed in rapes cases, robbery, drugs, etc. He has experiences in cases where people are prosecuted as joint enterprise and has a high level of understanding of prosecution and forensic techniques, including Cell site, blood splatter, fibre analysis, gunshot residue and DNA, with intent to endanger life, importation of drugs, county line drug supply, human trafficking, and modern slavery. He has also defended in a ‘county line’/ drugs cases.

Family Court Cases – Child Law Proceedings
Innocent receives instructions to represent families across the full range of applications brought by Local Authority Social Services: for removal / separation of children from their primary carers for various reasons such neglect, rish of harm, etc, Emergency Protections Orders (EPO) applications instigated by police for the protection of children at risk of harm, neglect under the Children Act, Fact-finding hearings, unit assessments in a residential unit, etc.

Serious crime / Care Proceedings Cases:

  • R v M, Preston CC – Secured the acquittal of a defendant accused of raping minor at weekend resort, involving various bars and hotels and a group of individuals both males and females.
  • R v M, Isleworth CC – Secured the acquittal of a defendant against allegations wounding with intent of a neighbour.
  • R v A, Woolwich CC – secured acquittal of a client who was accused of perverting course of public by office witness bribe to drop allegations made against his client’s son.
  • LB v S, Care Proceedings – Client allowed to keep child. his was an application for Care Order brought by a Local Authorities Social Services Department
  • LB v D Care Proceedings – Client allowed to keep child. his was an application for Care Order brought by a Local Authorities Social Services Department

And many more besides.

Police Station / Court Duty Work: Crime Cases
Innocent is a very experienced Police Station Duty and Magistrate Duty Court Solicitor and has vast and deep experience as a Duty Solicitor often handling cases right from the beginning, from the police station to the final conclusion of a case. This gives the client the benefit of one advocate / Solicitor dealing with the case from the beginning to the end and avoid the need to chop and change representatives which impacts on the benefit of continuity. He has acted in complex and protracted cases of a vast range:

including rape, frauds, ABH, GBH, possession of class A drugs, Class B cannabis, class C, banking fraud, internet fraud, possession of offensive weapon /blade, robbery, burglary, common assault, child neglect, Malicious communications, malicious and racially aggravated assaults, etc. He has defended across the many iterations of crime cases / criminal cases and well as housing law.

He has a critical understanding of the framework of Criminal law, Child law and Housing Law, abuse of process arguments and is versed in the landscape of these areas. He has a clear understanding of rape and POCA cases in respect of which he has developed a strong expertise, defending applications brought
under the Proceeds of Crime Act to apply for asset forfeiture orders in the magistrates and POCA proceedings in the Crown Court.

Innocent is increasingly instructed to act for clients in Family Care Proceedings area of law brought by Local Authority Social Service Departments and he is well versed in the landscape of this area.

Direct Access
Innocent can be instructed directly by members of the public. For further details please contact him on 07956 442 471 or 5299394 and speak to him directly.

Other experience
Innocent is a man of deep Christian faith. He has an LLB (Honours) Law Degree and MA in Socio-Legal Studies. He came to law after having worked in His Majesty’s Civil Service for 21 years and worked in various Government Departments, his last being the Treasury Solicitor’s Department.

Innocent was recognised, as a Solicitor Advocate, by the Independent Regulatory Body of the Law Society, Solicitors Regulatory Authority, on 22nd October 2008 to exercise rights of audience in all courts, in all proceedings.