Housing Law

Housing Law and Debt

Shaddai & Co. has a good and effective experience in housing law and we are committed to doing so. We can advise you regarding a wide range of housing cases including homelessness, repossession of both rented and mortgaged property, disrepair, unlawful eviction and cases concerning the allocation of social housing. We also offer expert advice and assistance in debt matters.

Almost all of our work is funded by legal aid. We shall need to establish whether you qualify for legal aid. We know that housing problems can be very worrying and stressful. Our approachable and knowledgeable housing lawyer has the skills and experience to guide you whatever the nature of the difficulties that you face.

We will endeavour to work to the highest standards when dealing with your case and are able to deal swiftly, sensitively and effectively with cases at all levels, from straightforward housing problems to complex cases in the Appeal Courts. Shaddai & Co has an excellent reputation and has conducted a number of cases in the field of housing law over many years.

We are recognised locally and we are deeply committed to defending and supporting housing rights. Whether you need help with securing housing support from your local authority, challenging a homelessness decision, defending possession proceedings or ensuring that your home is repaired, safe and secure, Shaddai & Co. is here to give you the advice and assistance you need.

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